Born a Georgia Peach with a detour to Minnesota, Emily finally settled in nowheresville, Maryland for most of her childhood. Struggling to stand out among her 3 sisters, the little redhead gravitated towards theater at age 8, making her debut as the Barrister of Munchkinland in "The Wizard Of Oz,"  a role she hopes to reprise one day (hey, you never know). Growing up on 26 acres with cows and horses for neighbors made the transition to New York life a drastic one. Four years later, Emily graduated from Pace University with a BFA in Musical Theater and a Minor in Photography. While at Pace, Emily studied under the fantastic minds of Lonny Price, Adam Guettel, John Doyle and Ryan Scott Oliver. After graduating Pace, The William Esper Studio was the next stop for Emily's acting career, where she had the opportunity to study Meisner under William Esper himself. From killer cheerleader musicals to 1880s soaring choral numbers, Emily's resume and voice have seen and sung it all. Imagine the foxy intellect of Christina Hendricks and the vibrant sincerity of Amy Adams meeting in one long-legged redheads body, and you've landed on New York's Emily Claire Hughes!